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Pou Va Mini Storage Company Limited is located at the Macau's main industrial district where is the neigbor of the main transportation

and banking group centre.  The measurement of each storage is 100% accurate in size (L*W*H), and each storage passage size is

wide enough, clean, neat with sunshine rainbow.  Storage is mostly designed and fit for storing family household items, clothing

and shoes, and decoration stuff. Other purposes are also designed for any commercial and industrial business firms which they can

use larger storage place for storing files and documents, goods' parts and working tools. 

  1  - Hard rock platform:   Mini storage main color design is: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

                                          All mini storages are built on the hard rock platform which the height distance from the ground level is 10 cm. 

                                          This purpose is to prevent all storage goods from insects, dust and water attacks.  Each storage is provided

                                          with individual panel (second layer) which is most weclome by the storage customers.  


  2  - Corporate ownership:  The storage assets (headquarter + branch) are belong to the corporate ownership, installed with regular

                                              maintenance fire safety hardwares inhouse: sprinkler system (0.5m distance), 3 sets of fire hose reel 

                                              system, safe fire window exit, clear exit guide to main entrance, emergency lighting and non-contaminating

                                              gas fire extinguishers. Both campus have obtained the approved Fire Safety Protection System Certificates.

                                              (recognized by the Corpo de Bombeiros, Macau SAR).  

  3  - Security backup:  Surveillance cameras and 123 energy saving light pipes (24 hours) are installed in different storage campus' corners

                                     recording during day time and night time which provide safety and security purposes to everyone during 24 hours.

  4  - Very accurate measurement:  Area (square feet) and Volume (Cubic feet) of each mini storage is 100% accurate in size.

  5  - Height measurement:  The height of the campus is 3.32m (10.11 feet). 

                                             Mini storages in B campus' net height is 2.6m (8.7 feet). 

                                             Mini storages in A campus' net height is 2.5m (8.45 feet).

  6  - Air conditioning system:  Installed with adequate air conditioners, fans and windows, customers feel good when moving and

                                                storing items in storage place, this also helps to keep goods clean and remain in dry condition.

  7  - Goods transportation:  Provided with huge container cover loading area, underground carpark, and 3 huge elevators (loading goods

                                             2.1m to 2.3m  in height) and 2 passenger elevators are all available.

  8  - Storage construction material:  Each storage is made by special anti-rust ironic material which is strong, durable and longlasting.

                                                          No wood compartment nor top fake ceiling are built or installed within each storage unit.

  9  - Passage width:  Every passage (fire escape passage) inside mini storage is 4 feet to 5 feet in width which is designed according to

                                   the Corpo de Bombeiros, Macau SAR's required standard. All passages are all connected in all directions to the exit.

  10 - Payment:  Welcome your mini storage payment by (1) Cash or (2) Cheque. 

  11 - Entry fee:  All entry and exit fees of using Pou Va Mini Storage are free of charge.

  12 - Opening hours:  (A) 365 days storage hour: Monday to Sunday, from 9:00am to 9:00pm;

                                    (B) New contract / contract renewal office hour: Monday to Saturday, from 9:00am to 6:00pm;

                                          Sunday closed.  Macau public holidays closed.  

                                    (C) Special closing day: Macau No. 3 typhoon signal or above hoisted and rainstorm warning is in force.

  13 - Earlybird:   Newcomer who wants to rent brand new mini storage, please remember to call and reserve your ideal storage place and

                            to keep your first priority always. Document preparation is necessary, please contact Lisa 28481925 for further enquiry, 

                            thank you.

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